How it Works


Submit Your Event

It’s free and easy to submit your event to Fitt for consideration in our monthly activity calendar. Simply navigate to the submission page and describe your event by completing the form.


Get Approved

The Fitt team curates the event and activity calendar in each city. While it’s free to submit your event, it’s not possible to include every submission. Thousands of events are submitted each month, and each is reviewed for quality and alignment with our community. This vetting process ensures success for event partners and our readership.


Promote your event

Inclusion on Fitt’s event calendar is only the beginning. If you’re looking to reach a larger audience or drive sign-ups across multiple markets, Fitt Labs—our in-house creative shop—can help you dream up and execute an impactful promotional campaign that includes feature articles, social posts, video production, and more.


Who can submit an event?

Almost anyone can submit an event and it’s totally free to get started. From fitness instructors to race organizers and nonprofits to local meetups, Fitt is built for one-of-a-kind health and fitness activities.

Will every event be featured?

Unfortunately, no. Thousands of events are submitted each month and it’s simply not possible to include every submission. However, completing the submission form is the best way to get in touch with Fitt about your event.

What happens after I submit my event?

To ensure all Fitt events and activities meet our community’s expectations, every submission is reviewed by a member of the Fitt team. While it’s free to submit an event, not every event will be approved or posted to the calendar. There are a number of factors in play, including the mix of events already on the calendar, number of entrants available, event date, and more. If you’re event is accepted, you’ll be contacted by a member of the Fitt team to say so.

Are there other ways to promote an event?

Yes! Through Fitt Labs, we offer a full-service creative shop built on top of a media platform at scale. From native editorial content and branded video to influencer programs and experiential marketing, we create and distribute innovative marketing programs for event partners who want to reach and engage health-minded millennials.

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